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Eye Exam and Visual Needs Consultation
Your examination starts with a thorough preparation for the optometrist by an optometric technician. Medical history and visual challenges you may be having will begin the examination followed by ocular testing with advanced instrumentation, including Macular and Glaucoma laser scanning imaging with OCT Technology.
Your optometrist will continue the testing of visual performance and an in-depth assessment of
ocular health. A well-communicated approach to your visual needs including product preference will be discussed to ensure you can meet or exceed your visual goals.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Laser scans of the Macular of the eye, detecting the earliest signs of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinoscheisis and others.
Laser scans of the Optic Nerve detect and manage glaucoma, neuritis, and
Visual Field (Frequency Doubling Technology)
Computerized peripheral vision examination detects the earliest signs of peripheral visual changes.
iCare Tonometry Accurate measurement of the internal pressures within the eye without the jolting puff of air or use of drops.
VX40 Mapping Lensometry
Visual topographic mapping of the power ranges across your lenses.
Accurately measures the position of glasses upon one’s face to a 10th a millimetre and 1 angle degree.


We have a carefully curated frame collection that we update regularly to ensure you have fun
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Did you know how your lenses are made and designed play just as big of roll as your
prescription? Calibration, set-up, optical positioning design and manufacturing technology
techniques all play a pivotal roll into how you see.
Glasses like vehicle tires, the performance and comfort, has a lot more to it than just the
numbers and sizes stamped on the side wall.
Material compounds, suspension set up, tread pattern, pressures, and purpose of use
will make a large difference into your driving experience. Glasses have very similar properties.
The importance of proper materials, alignment, optical design, technology and set-up
along with the correct product is very important your optical performance, comfort,
convenience and vision longevity.